Welcome to my personal site.

I work on Siri at Apple. I recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BS in Computer Science & Linguistics.

I hack natural language, neural networks, DSLs and compiler infrastructures. Historically I worked on electronics, embedded systems and application development. I’d say that bare metal electronics are still a hobby I pick up every now and then.

Apart from engineering I enjoy reading bits of theoretical linguistics and type theory, including combinatory categorial grammar, compositional semantics, etc, as well as implementing formalisms & parsers as software libraries. Lots of things are still way over my head, though.

Blog posts are really old. Don’t bother reading them.

Public Talks

  • DLVM: A Compiler Framework for Deep Learning DSLs
    • Conference: 2017 US LLVM Developers’ Meeting
    • Authors: Richard Wei, Vikram Adve, Lane Schwartz
    • Location: San Jose, CA
    • Time: Oct 16, 2017


  • Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning Engineer, Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA, Aug 2017 - Present
    • Working on Siri’s natural language processing and localization technologies
    • Doing other cool stuff I cannot talk about
  • Founder and Architect, The DLVM Project, Nov 2016 - Present

  • Research fellow, LLVM Compiler Research Group, University of Illinois, Fall 2016 - Aug 2017
    • Meowed a lot on IRC
    • Designed and implemented DLVM, a compiler infrastructure for high-performance deep learning
  • CS 421 Course Assistant, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Spring 2017
    • Designed and led the programming assignemnt Implementing Scheme in Haskell
  • Software Engineering Intern, Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA, Summer 2016
    • Siri speech tools (crowdsourcing) and NLP
  • Founding member, Nardo Technology, Fall 2015
    • Infrastructure setup, engineering, and graphic design
  • Software Engineering Intern, Qualcomm Inc., San Jose, CA, Summer 2015
    • 802.11ac/ax WLAN firmware
  • Freelancer/Contractor, China, 2011-2013
    • I took on and initiated many projects in the following categories:
      • Embedded systems
      • Digital circuit design
      • Smart hardware & wireless accessories
      • Graphic design
      • iOS app development


  • I do not know any sort of web development.
  • I like working on framework-level, large-scale software, not user-oriented software.
  • I am a good cook.
  • I am @rxwei on GitHub.
  • I know how to play Erhu.
  • I backpack once a year.